USB to CAN Interface

Reference: USBCAN_01

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  1. USB to CAN BUS Interface Module
  2. Supports Speed up to 1Mbps
  3. USB Powered (No Isolation)
  4. Supports SLCAN / SocketCAN
  5. Linux, MacOS and Windows Support.
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USB to CAN bus Interface

This module allows you to connect your PC or Raspberry pi to your car's CAN bus or any other CAN bus network over USB.


  • Supports speeds up to 1Mbps
  • USB powered (No Isolation)
  • Supports SLCAN / SocketCAN
  • Supported on Linux, MacOS and Windows


The following operating systems doesn’t require additional drivers

  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Windows 10

However older operating systems like Windows 8.1 or older requires the following driver

Download Driver


USBtinViewer is a simple multi-platform GUI tool which requires java to run.

To run the java .jar program use the following command line in the command prompt or Terminal

java -jar USBtin.jar

Download USBtin Viewer

Board Layout

Board Layout

  • J2 is used for updating the firmware – shoring the pins will cause the device to enter bootloader mode
  • J5 is used for adding termination for the CAN bus – shorting the pins will add 120Ohm termination to the CAN bus.

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